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CT 1: One Day Combat Tomahawk $ 75

Tuition: $ 75

Prerequisite: None

Equipment needed: None, will be provided by DFT, just wear loose close and sport shoes.

Maximum class seize: None

Time: Class starts at 9:00 am and will be done at 1:00 pm.

Description: History of the tomahawk, different kinds of tomahawks, grip, stance, ready, moving the 12 angels of attack.....and more !

Class is Full

DFT- Shooting Competition

Four-Day Longrange Marksmanship and Fieldcraft ( $ 600 )

Tuition: $ 600

Class length: Four days

Class starts at 9am and will be done by 4 pm all four days.

Prerequisite: None

Equipment needed:
Proper clothing, long sleeves, pants. Elbow and knee pads recommended. Ear and eye protection mandatory.
• Calculator, note taking material.
• Data book.
• Manual or printed materials for the scope that includes information about the reticle, function of the scope, and how to zero the scope.
• External ballistic “come ups” data for the student’s rifle/scope in increments of 25 yards out to 1000 yards.
• 20X or higher spotting scope with tri pod or soft support. Binoculars are optional.
• .308 cal or higher rifle, a scope that is at least 10X
• Shooting matt.
• Pack or another form of soft support for the rifle platform preferred, bipod legs are okay.
• 400-450 rounds of match grade ammunition
• Scope cover.
• Rifle cleaning gear.
Wind gauge, laser range finder, night vision optics are optional.

Course description:
This course will be an introductory class on precision rifle marksmanship that focuses on range estimation and wind calls at distances out to 1000 yards. Elements of the class include developing a predictable clean/cold bore shot, firing within a minute of angle, multiple target engagement at unknown distances, drawing range cards, working with a spotter, observation exercises, firing from different positions, as well as proper care and maintenance of the weapon system.

Three-Day Close Quarter Warrior training ( $ 375)

Tuition: $ 375

Prerequisite: None

Time: Class starts at 9:00am and will be done at 4:00pm on all days.

Class Length: Three days

Ammunition: Handgun: 500 rounds
Shotgun: 250 rounds of Birdshot
Tomahawk provided by DFT.

Class seize: maximum of 12

Needed for the class: Handgun with holster, three magazines or speed loader with pouch, Shotgun with mounted sling.

Description: Day one - Handgun
Grip, stance, ready, three elements of defensive marks man ship, presnetation from the holster shooting from kneeling and prone shooting on the move and more....

Day two - Shotgun
Shooting on one and multiple targets, presentation from sling carry, shooting from kneeling, squad, sitting, prone and much more.......

Day three
Transition drills shotgun to handgun
Combat tomahawk: Grip, stance, ready, moving, blocking, the twelve angles of attack and more..........

Three-Day Extremely Close Quarter Gunfighting/ Handgun ( $ 375)

Tuition; $ 375

Prerequisite: None

Time: Class starts at 9:00am and will be done at 4:00pm on all days.

Class Length: Three days

Ammunition: 1500 rounds

Class seize: maximum of 16

Class length: Three day's

Needed for the class: Handgun with holster, six magazines or speed loader with pouch, knee pads and elbow pads.

Description: Shooting and presentation in close quarter, shooting with distraction, using weapon as impact weapon, short arm technique, gun take away, weapon retention, how to fight with a Tomahawk and .....................much more.

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